Prince Edward Island

This small island has been a favourite vacation destination for decadesand is often referred to as “The Gentle Island’. Here one will find an ambience that takes you back to simplier times, when the fast pace of today’s technology did not exist.

You may find yourself surprised to be content to simply enjoy the rolling landscapes and endless ocean views as you dig your toes into the beaches that surround the island.

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Prince Edward Island is located off the coasts of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick and is easily accessed by vehicle by bridge or ferry. Please note that there is a toll fee when leaving the island by bridge.

Crossing the Confederation Bridge from Cape Jourimain, New Brunswick to Borden-Carleton midway along the bottom coastline of the island on the Central Coastal Drive – Red Sands Shore.

Or travel by sea aboard a vehicle ferry from Pictou, Nova Scotia to Wood Island, located along the bottom east coast of the Points East Coastal Drive.

Prince Edward Island is comprised of 4 distinct regions or trails,
for info on where to Eat, Stay & Play click each area.

The Red Sands Shore, part of the Central Coastal Drive

The Green Gables Shore, part of the Central Coastal Drive

The North Cape Coastal Drive

The Points East Coastal Drive