Fleur-de-lis Trail

After crossing the causeway into Port Hastings, follow Rte #4 to Port Hawkesbury and St. Peter’s where following Rte #247 you will join the Fleur-de-lis Trail. This route has a strong Acadian influence and travels up the western coast on Rtes #247 & #327, joining the Marconi Trail at Louisbourg.

Please note: Continuing on Rte #4 takes you inland towards Sydney along the Bras D’Or Lakes Drive.

Attractions include: the Balache Point Lighthouse and the Swingbridge at the causeway; and the Gut of Canso Museum and Archives at Port Hastings; the Granville on the Green at Port Hawkesbury; the Lennox Passage Drawbridge at Louisdale leading to Isle Madame; the LeNoir Forge Museum and Cannon Lookoff at Arichat; the beach at Point Michaud; the lighthouse at Garbarus; the Two Rivers Wildlife Park at Marion Bridge; and the Louisbourg Railway Museum & Louisbourg Playhouse, the Louisbourg Lighthouse and the majestic Fortress Louisbourg National Historic Site at Louisbourg.

Places to Eat, Stay & Play – Fleur-de-lis Trail