Cape Breton Island

This island is a highlight of Nova Scotia not to be missed. After exploring along its shores and mountains you will understand how this island became known as “Nova Scotia’s Masterpiece”, and has once been rated the most beautiful island in the world.

This island has everything and features magnificent mountains, beautiful beaches, historical sites and vast wilderness areas. Enjoy your stay amid the various cultures and join in the many local festivals and activities hosted throughout the island.

See individual trails below map for accommodations in each area

To begin your journey, you will cross the Canso Causeway. This link to the island was completed in 1955 and is the world’s deepest causeway. The island is divided into several trails, which are indicated on road signs posted frequently along the trails. (see map below)

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Cape Breton island is comprised of several distinct trails; easily identified by the road signs above.

Ceilidh Trailthe western side of the island from the causeway on Rte #19

Cabot Trail circular route from upper tip to Baddeck & Bras d’Or Lakes area

Bras d”or Lakes Scenic Drivecircling the Bras d’Or Lakes

Metro Cape Breton & Marconi Trail Sydney, Glace Bay & surrounding area

Fleur de-lis Trailthe eastern side of the island from the causeway on #4 and #327