South Shore

This adventurous shore is best known for it’s seafaring history, historic lighthouses, UFO sightings and the tales of pirates and buried treasure along it’s shores.

Visit the many museums & exhibits to explore our exciting privateering legends and attend the festivals, celebrating our unique blend of cultures. Delicious fresh seafood and traditional recipes are just waiting to be enjoyed.

Attractions are plentiful and include world famous Peggy’s Cove where the lighthouse sits atop massive granite boulders and features the 1998 Swiss Air Tragedy Memorial and the intricate rock carvings at the E. d’Garthe Memorial Park; the Original Lobster Suppers at the Shore Club in Hubbards; the historic sailing mecca of Chester; the Ross Farm Living Museum of Agriculture at New Ross; the Wild Rose Park offering views of famous Oak Island at Western Shore; historic Lunenburg, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to the vast Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic and port of the famed Bluenose II schooner; the sea caves at the Ovens Natural Park at Feltzen South; the Railway Museum at Bridgewater; the Fort Saint-Marie-de-Grace National Historic Site at LaHave; the Port Medway Lighthouse Park; Liverpool, the historic port of privateers featuring Fort Point Lighthouse Park and the Hank Snow Country Music Centre; the Kejimkujik National Park & National Historic Site at Maitland Bridge; the Kejimkujik National Park Seaside Adjunct at Port Mouton; the lighthouses and 5 beaches at Lockeport; historic Shelburne with the Muir-Cox Shipbuilding Interpretive Centre and the Dory Shop Museum; the Black Loyalist Heritage Centre at Birchtown; the Barrington Woolen Mill Museums at Barrington; the Seal Light Museum at Barrington Head; and the Chapel Hill Museum & Observation Tower and Shag Harbour Incident Interpretive Centre at Shag Harbour, with exhibits on the 1967 UFO sighting.

This coastline has many expanses of white sand beaches with the some of the notable found at the Queensland Beach Provincial Park; the Hubbards Beach; the Bayswater Provincial Beach Park, Crescent Beach near West Dublin; the Rissers Beach Provincial Park at Petite Riviere; beaches at White Point; the Summerville Beach Provincial Park; Carter’s Beach at Port Mouton; and Crescent Beach (one of 5) found at Lockeport.

Where to Eat, Stay & Play while touring this area

The South Shore extends from the Yarmouth and Acadian Shores region to the Halifax Metro area; through many small towns and communities, all sharing the history and heritage of the sea.

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