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Tour Atlantic Canada with Harold & Wendy Nesbitt – creators & publishers of Motorcycle Tour Guide Nova Scotia & Atlantic Canada


We have enjoyed motorcycling for more than forty years. Above all, during our travels we felt a need for an information package, designed with the motorcyclist in mind. Therefore we created this guide that is compact and easily carried. In addition the guide provides full-size mapping and relevant information that is important to motorcyclists touring in Atlantic Canada.

Touring Atlantic Canada

You will find that each province we cover to be distinct with varied attractions and scenery. However, rest assured that Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland & Labrador all share a love of the sea with charming seaports to explore. Touring Atlantic Canada provides a multitude of adventures to enjoy.

This guide has been entirely researched, written and all mapping done by ourselves. We apologize for any typos or omissions, and hope our direct approach as to what lies around the next corner helps you to divert from the beaten path, and explore all of Atlantic Canada.

If by chance, we have steered you in the wrong direction, rest assured a friendly and helpful Maritimer, will put you back on the right track!

Where to find the guide…

The guide has a modest price tag of $6.99+GST, and is available for purchase from our website while supplies last. NO NEW PRINT VERSION in 2021.
We will continue as DIGITAL ONLY in 2021 – Free to view and/or download; and continue to produce our free 2021 travel app “RideAtlanticCanada”.

Our newest edition for 2021 will be available digitally in May 2021.
Order a remaining 2019 or 2020 from our shop while stock lasts HERE.

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Have a wonderful adventure!
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