Atlanticade PE postponed until 2021

SUMMERSIDE, PE (June 29, 2020) – Atlanticade officials were forced to make a difficult decision due to the ongoing Codvid-19 situation and the restrictions that coincide with a global pandemic. The decision has unfortunately been made to postpone the return of Atlanticade to Summerside until 2021.“Our goal from the beginning was to provide participants a second to none Atlanticade experience with the events permanent return to Summerside,” mentioned JP Desrosiers, Director of Community Services for the City of Summerside. “With the guidelines and restrictions in place creating this experience would have been impossible and as event professionals, it is important to always keep the safety of our festival-goers as a top priority,” added Desrosiers. Atlanticade officials were so pleased to see a large number of pre-registered festival-goers for the 2020 edition of the event with pre-registrations numbers more than tripling over past years. To show their appreciation for this Atlanticade has decided to offer an exclusive 2020 Package to all those who had registered for the 2020 festival, which includes:- Atlanticade themed COVID -19 reusable mask- Confederation Bridge Pass- Commemorative City of Summerside 25th Anniversary pin. All pre-registered Atlanticade pass holders for 2020 are eligible for a full refund or can hold on to their registration for the 2021 event. Dates for the 2021 Atlanticade Motorcycle Festival will be announced in the very near future. Registration will open later this summer. For those seeking refunds, Atlanticade staff will reach out within the next 30-days to begin the process.“We would like to thank all those who registered for the 2020 event and were patient in our decision-making process,” added Desrosiers. “We look forward to welcoming motorcycle enthusiasts to our City in 2021!”For more information on the Atlanticade Motorcycle Festival, please visit:

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